There is no cost in exploring your options with Rebuild Now, and we understand that business decisions can be emotional. That’s why, with every free assessment by our Principal — Andrew Purcell, we offer discretionary counseling to help you understand your options. Contact us to make an appointment.

We support directors and business owners facing a serious financial crisis. If you are worried about cash flow, even possible insolvency - liquidation, voluntary administration or personal bankruptcy - we have your solution.

Solve your financial crisis

A financial crisis may involve ATO debt, overdue superannuation, or unpaid creditors. Often the reasons are due to factors which are beyond a director’s control. Furthermore, in every company facing insolvency (which may lead to company liquidation) there is a business and assets worth protecting. We give you an alternative process which will save your business, protect your assets and leave behind the company debt. If you feel like giving up and asking your accountant for the name of a liquidator – stop. You can legally and commercially protect your assets and income, and protect yourself.

Be in control every step of the way

Business owners back in control without the stress

So often, when companies are facing a financial crisis, it leads to liquidation or voluntary administration, and the opportunities for the business to continue are lost. Consequently, your assets disappear down the liquidation or voluntary administration ‘drain’. The company’s money evaporates in the form of liquidator’s fees, ATO penalties or legal claims by aggressive creditors. Rebuild Now has a better way. It may seem that signing up with a liquidator will end the stress, but in fact, it is the opposite – it makes it worse!

Rebuild Now is not a liquidation firm. We work for you, not the ATO or the bank or other creditors. Rebuild Now has a better way. We have your solution and we are here to help you and to guide you. Use our knowledge to put an end to your financial crisis so you can move on without the stress and without all the debt.

If you want to save your business and you want to learn how this can work for you, contact us confidentially to discuss your situation (1300 288 366). Finally, if you want to know more about us and how we work with you and for you, read on.

Rescue my business

After hundreds of business rescues, Rebuild Now has developed solutions that will save your business and give you peace of mind - the right people on your side, who know the processes and the law.

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Fix my ATO debt

The ATO is the single biggest trigger for liquidations. Whether it’s a negotiated settlement or a more complete solution you need, we know the way the ATO works and what criteria they apply.

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Protect me - I’m a director

“I’ll look after you” says the liquidator. No, they will use your vulnerability to pressure you. We identify any personal liability you might have – insolvent trading, personal guarantees, etc, and help you resolve them.

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Personal tax debt

If you are a sole trader or have too much business and BAS tax debt you are personally liable. We advise how to protect your business, your house and other assets.

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