There is no cost in exploring your options with Rebuild Now, and we understand that business decisions can be emotional. That’s why, with every free assessment by our Principal — Andrew Purcell, we offer discretionary counseling to help you understand your options. Contact us to make an appointment.

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About Us

Rebuild Now is a specialist advisory firm working with companies and individuals facing financial distress. With over twenty years of industry experience, Rebuild Now has an established background in providing professional pre-insolvency advice, turnaround strategy and associated services to Directors, Sole Traders and Business Owners.

Rebuild Now is a not a bankruptcy trustee or a liquidation firm which are legally bound to work for creditors. Rebuild Now works for Company Directors and Business Owners, who we assist to preserve their business and its core assets.

The wide industry expertise of our team and in-depth technical knowledge combines with practical commercial experience to ensure our clients’ financial success. Rebuild Now works with small, medium and large companies alike. For examples of how we work and what we have done for over one-hundred companies please see Case Studies.

Rebuild Now also provides advice to Directors who have received Director’s Penalty Notices or who may have given Personal Guarantees to banks or leasing companies, putting at risk core business assets and/or their family home. Rebuild Now helps them avoid disaster and preserve wealth.

Rebuild Now also assists Directors whose companies have already been placed into administration. We have detailed knowledge of the Corporations Law, how the insolvency process works and how it can be used to their benefit.

Rebuild Now brings to its clients experience that includes all the possible extremes of insolvency – battles with the ATO, volatile creditors’ meetings, hostile liquidators, aggressive trustees and court room case management – and strategies to avoid them.

Rebuild Now makes all the difference when banks, creditors and staff are anxious about financial prospects. Rebuild Now will spell out what is achievable, what the risks are and how to minimise those risks.

Rebuild Now will, if requested, continue to work with our clients to ensure their long term success.

Rebuild Now is represented throughout Australia to provide seamless service to our clients, wherever they are located.


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