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Liquidation ends a company, but not necessarily the business. Your company is not you, you are ‘merely’ the director/owner of the company. The company is not even the business within it. The company is simply the legal shell which owns the business. When managed appropriately, liquidation does not mean the end to a viable business, or even adversely affect the life of the director. A planned liquidation with Rebuild Now can provide the business with a fresh start and afford the director/owner peace of mind. Ask us how.

How do I get myself out of this insolvency liquidation mess?

Help me get me out of this insolvency liquidation mess If you're asking yourself 'how do I get myself out of this insolvency or liquidation...

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How do I start to deal with an insolvency, liquidation crisis?

The answer is to identify your best options and choose the right one. If it's really serious we recommend you look at a planned liquidation...

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What are the common myths of company restructure?

Company restructure means voluntary administration, liquidation or receivership. Most importantly, it can be planned or unplanned. The directors and owners can be informed and prepared...

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What is the process you take me through?

Your business can be rescued and in some circumstances liquidation or voluntary administration can be a useful tool to let you rebuild your wealth and...

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How to end a company

As a director you may be concerned that companies that have ceased to trade but are solvent or have no debts left to pay and...

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What are liquidators, receivers and administrators?

Liquidators and voluntary administrators are people who are given powers to resolve financial problems in companies where debts are not paid. Bankruptcy trustees have the...

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What is liquidation?

Facing debt, insolvency or a cash flow crisis, companies are unable to pay their debts as and when they fall due. For a company this...

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Liquidator versus Rebuild Now

Know that if you choose to listen to a liquidator (or voluntary administrator) or one of the ‘Turnaround’ websites they use, and they tell you...

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