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Structures to protect wealth

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Rebuild Now provide structures to protect wealth, assets, your income stream and your business by ascertaining the options you need to structure and separate assets from potential liability. One of the important go-forward services offered by Rebuild Now is advice on how to ‘bullet proof’ your assets and income streams against the vagaries of business.No one knows when some disaffected customer or member of staff is going to blame your firm for their failing

No one knows when some disaffected customer or member of staff is going to blame your firm for their failing eye-sight or accident on a set of stairs. No director or business owner knows when one of its major customers may ‘go under’ owing their business significant money, or if the ATO makes the decision to reassess a tax deduction they relied upon in a previous financial year.

The consequences of unanticipated problems should not mean your personal assets finances or business wealth are placed at risk. The answer is to have an effective and flexible structure in place, that doesn’t cost the earth and is easily run and maintained.

When we restructure a firm out of insolvency, we also work with you to ensure you can grow without risking your existing assets. As you acquire more assets we structure those assets and the business, so these too are protected from, not only the everyday risks of life and business, but also the particular risks of the growth phase a new business must undertake.

We also look at the broader picture, such as exit strategies, so you can bequeath or ‘cash in’ the business if, and when, you wish to take a different path. We can ascertain tax-efficient ways to move assets out of inconvenient entities such as companies that conduct risk business.

We use the full suite of trust – discretionary, fixed, testamentary etc – and multiple company structures, superannuation and personal assignment, and related party encumbrances to ensure you are protected, tax-effectively. In our industry, it is called ‘fire-walling’ and we provide you with the strategies to ensure a safe and ‘bullet-proof’ future.

We are well placed to do so, because we see the effect of not doing so, when liquidators and trustees claw in unprotected assets from insolvent companies.

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