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What a Rebuild Now Solution Looks Like

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What does a Rebuild Now ‘Solution’ look like and how is different?

In the two months following the engagement of the Rescue My Business Team working with directors and business owners, this is typically what our clients see:

  • They have been able to continue their business relatively seamlessly, without disrupting relationships with their staff, suppliers or customers.
  • They have avoided any dealings with aggressive liquidators or receivers.
  • They have minimised legacy debts, no longer needed.
  • They have had the opportunity to reassess key staff and/or staffing issues.
  • They have looked after superannuation and leave entitlements but with the advantage of being able to pay it off over time.
  • They have had the opportunity to pay creditors, suppliers and services that are helpful to their business going forward.
  • They have had the opportunity to avoid leases they wish to discontinue.

So, the savings are fairly dramatic. Compared with the financial and emotional distress suffered by our clients when we initially begin our engagement with them, two months down the track, Rebuild Now clients are back to business.

  • Business: preserved income and improved profits.
  • Assets: retaining assets such as plant and equipment, intellectual property (brand names, advertising, IT systems etc), and their reputation.
  • Personally: avoiding the grief, anguish and upset always connected with unplanned administration.

Call us now and rescue and restore your business with Rebuild Now.

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Remember the Liquidators work for the Creditors, not for you. That’s their job. It costs you nothing to talk to us.

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